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So much more stuff to put up here... but you'll just have to wait a bit longer!

Come back soon to see many more photos of
* Dendy and Humphrey's recent trip to Kenya and Mauritius
* share our best recipe for a really spicy hot Mauritian shellfish curry
* amazing fly-fishing expedition to Seychelles when a shark swam through Humph's legs (!)

Dendy planting a ceremonial tree in Kenya

Elephants crossing the river (Kenya)

Dendy flyfishing at Alphonse in Seychelles

Beautiful flowers in Mauritius

Dendy (at end!) hiding in a Mauritian clothes shop

Church at Cape Malheureux, Mauritius

Heron doing some fishing of its own in Seychelles

Humphrey (left) + bonefish - St Francois, Seychelles

Our own local beach in Dorset, UK. Not bad, huh?