Dendy Walwyn

Dendy is the founder and managing director of Marketplaces. She was brought up in the UK but has strong family connections with Africa and the Middle East and has travelled extensively all over the world. Following a degree in Geography from the University of Oxford she quickly discovered that it is possible to combine a passion for travel with work.

She started off in the skiing business but moved on to retail travel and then into short and long haul tour operating. She spent time working in both France and Switzerland and also travelled extensively in contracting roles to the Mediterranean, Africa, the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean. Marketing and PR activities took her further afield to India and south east Asia.

In 1990 she identified a gap in the market for a Representation Company and set up Marketplaces which has now been successfully trading for 30 years. During that time the company has represented DMCs from all over the world, marketed hotels, handled consultancy projects for private companies and Governments - all of which gives Marketplaces a huge range of experience and understanding of how to deliver successfully for their clients. Dendy was a founding member and one of the original directors of Atta.

She lives in Dorset with her husband, Humphrey. In her spare time she walks Kipper (the dog), continues to love travelling, sailing, fishing, giving parties and considers fine food (and wine) an essential part of life.

Humphrey Walwyn

With a background of 20 years at the BBC, followed by work in the music, entertainment and movie industries in London and Los Angeles, Humphrey is very well travelled.

He's a bit of a digital guru and even wrote several top selling books on computer game development in the 1980s! When away from his computers, he's a passionate fisherman and has explored some of the world’s remotest places. He also likes cooking, inventing games and planning treasure hunts, events and parties.

He has been part of the team at Marketplaces since 2000 and he helps us with online imaging, presentations and media.